The Spork Conspiracy

This young rag-tag bunch of misfits share with us an eclectic mix of sketch, stand up, and general tom-foolery. This gang consists of sketch comedy troop ‘No Fixed Abode’, and friends. The troupe hail from Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge; following in the hallowed tradition of the Footlights and half the British comedy scene. This show is packed with puns, silly scenarios and general ridiculousness.

An eclectic mix of sketch, stand up, and general tom-foolery.

We were presented with a range of sketches and characters, some themed around the great ‘Spork Conspiracy’, and others not connected. We were then treated to two five-minute sets of stand up, then asked to vote which we preferred; the winner returning for two minutes of improv off an audience members suggestion. The sketches and stand up were bookended with two guest performances from visiting comics with shows at the Fringe. These two guest performances were highlights of the hour.

This young gang seem like they are still finding their feet on the stage. The sketches were gently humorous, paying homage to the great Monty Python, but with many more puns. The acting is still a little uncertain, though feels like it could still become something belly-laugh-worthy. While a cluster model of sketch and stand-up seems promising; there felt like a strong disconnect as we launched into the stand up bit; with the two jokesters acting as if they’ve never met the audience before; when we’d just been watching them in the sketches. As stand-up comedians need to make a connection with the audience this didn’t sit right, and felt like two performers ‘acting’ like stand up comedians rather than being themselves. Being made to vote between the two also felt a bit mean. It might be better to focus on the sketches and make them sing.

The Fringe is a great training ground for testing material and working out what works on a mixed audience. Hopefully with some hard work this can become a highlight of future Fringes. 

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

Sketches. Stand-up. Cutlery. All the perfect ingredients for an hour of free comedy. No Fixed Abode, ‘mind-blowingly brilliant … definitely ones to watch’ (ThreeWeeks), ‘hilarious ... definitely not tedious’ (Cambridge Student), present a unique show filled with variety, unpredictability and a questionable penchant for pronged spoons. Each day, No Fixed Abode’s finest stand-up and sketches will be pitted against special guest acts, with the audience voting on which team they think is funniest. A new line-up every day, and no two shows the same.