The Sons of Pitches: Boiler Alert!

In the recent explosion in popularity of a cappella it seems like you can’t walk up the Royal Mile without tripping over a group of symmetrically dressed singers who’ve lost their instruments performing their mash up of seven different songs. In amongst these is Birmingham University-based group Sons of Pitches who with their show Boiler Alert bring a little something different to the scene, setting their show aside from the competitors and rising to the top of the barrel.

The dynamism of the performers showcased and every facet of the music drawn out with hilarious fast-paced prowess.

Rather than reeling through the usual set of songs, this incredibly talented group intersperses their masterful unaccompanied singing with sketches, comedy skits and (possibly the most impressive) improvised a cappella. The theme of the show is films and cinema, leading to a series of parody film adverts, the funniest of these being a take on the Inception trailer. Improvising a shopping channel commercial mixed CD about a colander (from audience suggestion) the singers make their way from Swedish Pop to Reggae without missing a beat. Improvised songs when accompanied are impressive enough, but all of the assembled members predicting each others’ musical movements to this degree is something incredibly new and incredibly exciting.

The comedy skits and the songs in the show are pitch perfect. With a wide range of inventive arrangements the group never fail to impress. A bass-heavy arrangement of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites exhibits the group’s vast range in their ability, with the contrast between the build up and drop palpably moving the room. An inspired Grease-in-four-and-a-half-minutes medley is possibly the highlight of the show, the dynamism of the performers showcased and every facet of the music drawn out with hilarious fast-paced prowess. 

Reviews by Andy Smith

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The Blurb

Described by The Magnets as 'the future stars of British a cappella', and by the Scissor Sisters as 'the cutest thing we've ever seen', the award-winning Sons of Pitches present Boiler Alert! An evening with The Sons of Pitches brings you a unique blend of vocal gymnastics. Featuring classic chart toppers, comical sketches and their very own brand of improvised a cappella, it promises to be a great evening for all. You have never experienced a cappella like this!