The Six-Sided Man

The Six-Sided Man is a tense and funny drama, based on Luke Rhinehart’s cult novel The Dice Man, which has toured the world for the last 30 years. It delves into the human psyche and the darker urges it suppresses in a performance that is convincing, if sometimes a little kitsch.

Strong acting and interesting concept at its core make it a worthwhile performance

Nicholas Collett is the six-sided man, a depressed psychiatrist who decides to introduce excitement and risk into his life by living it according to the dictations of a die. He gives the die options and obeys its every command. His philosophy: to enable he and his fellow humans to live free, without limitations or repression. Gavin Robertson plays various of his patients and disciples as this game of chance grows into an almost religious movement, beyond the control of Collett’s character.

Interspersed with enjoyably incongruous ABBA hits, the play is generally high-tension, high-stakes. Robertson and Collett are engaging and magnetic performers who deliver their parts with a good balance of gravitas and comic timing. They make good use of physical theatre throughout the performance, using mime to explore the play’s themes.

The action is punctuated by choreographed sequences in which the two actors mirror each other’s movements but, unfortunately, not to particularly good effect. The sequences, delivered without irony, look foolish and detract from the main meat of the play, imbuing it with a tackiness it doesn’t deserve.

That said, the strong acting and interesting concept at its core make it a worthwhile performance to catch while it’s still here.

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The Blurb

There are two rules: Never give the dice an option you're not prepared to follow, and never disobey the die! Darkly hilarious, seductive... from Luke Rhinehart's cult novel, The Dice Man. A disillusioned psychiatrist lives his life by giving options to a dice, and introduces a patient to the lifestyle. But the games get twisted, competitiveness rules – no one is who you think they are! In its 30th anniversary year, this internationally toured production offers new audiences an opportunity to be seduced! By chance... Following performances in USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Central America and more.