The Sisters Grimm
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

From the brisk Siberian winds, in walks The Watcher, a strange man wrapped in a massive coat and carrying a tattered bag. He has travelled far to tell you all a story of his homeland through three pivotal moments of Russian history in which three young women are each faced with the most dangerous threat of their lives, and the wolves are advancing.

When a tsarist noblewoman is married against her will to an adulterous landlord, present and past start to blur as she begins to dream of the childhood she left behind. Later, a Ukrainian farmhand must flee her rural home when crops fail and the forces of collectivisation draw near; and finally, in modern day Russia, a young lesbian grapples with her identity, and dreams of one day travelling amongst the stars.

The Sisters Grimm is a story of women dream and create and hope for a country that will learn to heal, reform and resist. The enigmatic Watcher and his shadow puppets weave in and out of the narration, almost like a fireside tale, as he himself wonders what the next story will be, concluding that women can make things better, if they can only dream it.