The Secrets Hidden in the Beatles RockBand

Can such an everyday thing like playing the Beatles Rock Band game on the Xbox really give rise to a new comedy musical? Well this is the Fringe where anything is possible, and boy does it work.

This short, funky and fun new musical explores what happens when school friends meet up after years of no contact to once again strap on the guitars and jam one more time. They discover that life has changed a great deal and one of them his harbouring a secret which will test the past and future of their friendship to the limits.

The production’s writers David West and David Edment take to the stage as Mike and Alfie the two school friends in question, and take delight in singing some of those catchy tunes with a comic bent. The story flows extremely well although for me they do get hung up at the start of the show on the possibility of one of them being gay, and it comes across as being to fill the script out. The show could easily live without this segment.

Both Davids sing with wonderful full voices and blend their harmonies together really well. The small space means no microphones so the audience really does get to hear them at their very best. The production is anchored by Ross Hamilton at the onstage piano, who delivers the musical arrangements in a stylish manner.

This is a really fun musical that will have you laughing and humming the melodies as you leave, maybe you too will be saying I love this yea, yea, yea.

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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Scottish new musical about two childhood friends who meet again, in the basement where they once played and shared secrets. Now they are back with new stories and a hidden truth.