The Secret of My Failure

The Secret of My Failure is a farcical, eclectic sketch comedy show hosted by the energetic Dr Postscript, which weaves through sarcastic appraisals of bad comedy sketches (a clever excuse to get unwitting audience members on stage) and the various interruptions to the Seminar, wherein a whole host of weird characters take centre stage.

There’s no denying that the ideas incorporated into this show are good - but I their execution suggests it needs a few revisions.

I have to say, I wish I’d had half of the ideas in The Secret of my Failure first - it’s even the little twists on what would be a trite and overplayed sketch (such as the use of props in the Self-Esteem segments) or the great array of comic voices, which are all delivered with enough energy to knock a wall down. 

And some of the sketch show’s writing is to be admired. There were a few punchlines which left the audience reeling, and the verbal dexterity with which some of them were delivered - despite the wide ranges of accents and pitches - was impressive. 

However, this was also a show which left me wanting more. The jokes, whilst their creative content was clear, needed more sting. This show was at it’s best when it’s host was sarcastic and witty in conjunction with the farce, rather than clowning somewhat aimlessly around. Some sketches went on too long, or simply boiled down to jibbering aimlessly at the audience, making a large chunk of the show feel a bit lost in the comic woodwork. Whilst there were some very funny and unexpected punchlines, the audience spent far too long waiting for them to come around.

The show’s tech also seemed a little lost at times, putting on strobes and light changes at times when there really didn’t seem to be much reason for them to be there. 

There’s no denying that the ideas incorporated into this show are good - but I their execution suggests it needs a few revisions. A lot of performers could do to learn from the vigour with which the show’s sketches are tackled, but it also feels a lot like aiming a cannon at a house of cards: the energy is explosive, but the results are somewhat underwhelming.

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The Blurb

Join Edinburgh veteran Dr Post Script for a unique seminar in comedy failure. Laugh at failure! Fail at laughing! Full instruction and practical demonstration provided. Witness total personality disintegration – live and uncut. Will (not) disappoint! Dr PS returns to the Fringe – what's left of him – to deliver this extraordinary tour-de-farce. Comedy seminar meets low self-esteem, self-help event meets negative poetry evening. In no way in competition with his son's sketch show in the same venue. 'Greatest C(omedy) R(e)-A(lignment) P(roduct) on Fringe' (his son). 'Steaming pile of S(elf) H(elp) I(ntervention) T(argeting)' (someone else).