The Scummy Mummies Show

The Scummy Mummies Show was sold out for its first performance, the room filled mostly with fans of their iTunes podcasts. Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn are two mums who showcase some of the most shameful moments in parenting. The comedic pair spend most of the hour long show sharing top tips on how you can become a lazier, boozier parent, but only to re-affirm that no one is perfect and we should “embrace our scumminess.”

This show does produce some really funny moments, but the overall message is one of self-acceptance and that really all parents are doing okay.

The show is clearly intended for parents and most of the material depends on shared experience to generate big laughs, as was definitely the case during this performance. The two bounce off each other perfectly, as each brings a different yet recognisable mother figure to the stage. Helen is big, bubbly and overtly happy, while Ellie is more cynical in nature, a woman who has clearly had enough of her kids. This really is the heart of the show, escaping your children and accepting that even your little darlings are less than perfect.

The performance was not without its technical glitches and there were a few missed cues, but this did not affect the overall enjoyment of the show. Some of the finer moments come from the appearance of Helen and Ellie’s male characters, the two Rods. These are stereotypical dads who believe they are clued up on all things pregnancy and are always attempting to outsmart the other. These are two very real figures and their little spats of one-upmanship are hilarious and well put together. For instance, Rod one telling Rod two that his wife used an elevens machine rather than a tens machine during childbirth.

As well as sketches the show features various anecdotes and the highlights come from audience participation - in which we were asked to offer scummy confessions to be judged - the overall winner bagging a bottle of “Scumpagne.” This show does produce some really funny moments, but the overall message is one of self-acceptance and that really all parents are doing okay. You can expect Tampax, alcohol hidden in tippy cups, poo, wee, sick and all that holds up the glory of children.

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The Blurb

'The Scummy Mummies Show' is an hour of laughs for less-than-perfect parents. Comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn cover a wide range of topics, from biscuit-based bribery to farting and fish fingers. Based on the popular podcast, as recommended by The Telegraph. Expect songs, sketches and jokes so funny that spare nappies will be provided in case of accidents.