The Rules Of Inflation

This is no ordinary birthday party. As we enter to balloons and party bags and children's music we are handed cards to vote on. Each brightly coloured character urges us to vote for them. As we are in and seated, the whole thing takes a turn for the decidedly more macabre.The story quickly becomes something illicit and uncomfortable. As a clown emerges from a box, some of the characters seem pleased, others much less so. It soon becomes clear why as the clown character forces them into games and other more disturbing acts, and the set and cast become filthier and more depraved.

Though at times it's shocking, the performances had me on baited breath

Balloons Theatre Company have really thought this through. It's nothing short of fascinating to watch; even if at times in a car-crash-can't-look-away sense of the word. They create an immense feeling of tension with their acting and soundtrack. As an audience member you can't relax. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I found it rather intoxicating. This is also a cast that have an impressive commitment to deliver this piece with all the intensity it requires, pushing their own boundaries at the same time as testing the audience's.

This show is an interpretive and expressive look at our political system and the relationship between our politicians and the media. This cast hold absolutely nothing back and though at times it's shocking, the performances had me on baited breath.If you're thinking about seeing this show then simply pay attention to what it's labelled as. If 'absurdist, physical theatre' is your bag then I am confident you will enjoy it. If however you are looking for a more paint-by-numbers plot that doesn't require any great interpretation then I'd probably avoid this.

Reviews by Hannah Lucy Baker

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A Theatre N16 transfer in association with Eastlake productions. Welcome to your childhood dream, a world full of colours, celebrations, party games and… rules? You know the rules. You would never dare to break them, would you? Play the game, the stakes are high and there is no way out. **** ( 'Brilliant yet highly traumatic' ( 'Outstanding performances' ( 'This is not a normal children's party' (