The Rat Pack Stand-Up Comedy

The Rat Pack Stand Up Comedy features swing hits and a changing line up of comedians from the Fringe catalogue. Host Nathan Cassidy is back in the Free Sisters with the show which has gotten better since I saw it last year at the Fringe.

This is a good show if you fancy a nice drink and a taste of comedy of an afternoon.

Nathan lines up his guests on stage at the start of the show and keeps them there for the duration of the performance, interacting with them and the audience throughout. Whilst they are in a smaller venue than they were last year, this gave it a much more intimate and conversational vibe, which the larger room last year lacked.

Because the bill changes every day it is hard to guarantee that you will enjoy everything, but I certainly enjoyed a lot. All three of the comedians announced when I saw the show had very different styles and so there was something for everyone.

On the day that I saw the show Phil Wang graced the stage first. With jokes that pull at his Chinese origins and personal anecdotes, he gave a strong but somewhat short snippet of his style; I wished that he could have done a slightly longer section. Laurence Owen followed with a guitar and singing based segment, and the third comedian was Trevor Lock who used a member of the audience quite impressively to build his jokes around.

However, by far my favourite guest was a complete surprise; Milo McCabe’s performance was unexpected and unannounced but he had the audience in fits during his segment. He played his character, Troy Hawke and had the audience roaring at his Glaswegian impressions. The way that he was built into the show was as though it was almost accidental for him to be there, but this only made him even more hilarious.

Nathan Cassidy fills the gaps between each comedian with his own chatty and casual material in line with the smooth and chilled tones of the Rat Pack hits that are the soundtrack. The introductions are a little long and the causal style means that it takes longer to get through the jokes. Because of this each of the comedians and Nathan himself don’t get through much material. However this is a good show if you fancy a nice drink and a taste of comedy of an afternoon.

Reviews by Kayleigh Blair

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The Blurb

2013’s sell-out hit returns with top comedians on stage for the whole show, freewheeling stand-up and live Rat Pack music. ‘Classy, laid-back, joyful fun and a wonderfully friendly vibe’ (Time Out). ‘Impeccable’ ( All new for 2014 with even bigger name comics. Hosted by Malcolm Hardee Award nominee Nathan Cassidy, ‘a great comedian’ (Broadway and different comedians every day, stars of TV and surprise special guests, all suited and booted and together for a new way of experiencing stand-up. Start spreading the news! Latest line-ups: and @_theratpack.