The Quiz Show That Has Nothing to Do With Horses

Quizmasters Ian Gordon and Tom Ellis take to the stage in a whirlwind of energy that carries their audience through the entirety of their show. An action packed hour bursting with slapstick jokes, absurd games and ridiculous prizes awaits.

Constructed with old cardboard boxes and discarded rubbish, the stage emanates anarchy. Forget the sophisticated scoring systems seen on luminous T.V game shows, because here Ellis and Gordon will thriftily make do with a cardboard tube and a block of polystyrene to demarcate the scores of a panel comprised of audience members. The absurd games will usually involve a blindfold or two, as the players must determine everything from the flavour of crisp that was crunched by their ear, to the mystery body-part that they have just kissed. As they dabble in the childishly foolish, the enjoyment of contestants and comperes alike becomes highly infectious.

The cataclysmic chaos on stage initially seems to imply disorganisation, but everything was clearly crafted with care. This preparation allowed Ellis and Gordon to maintain the fast-pace of a quiz-show that flits manically between rounds. Unfortunately though it also makes the dialogue feel a little forced. If they had dropped a couple of the weaker, scripted jokes and upped their comic free-styling, then their banter would have fitted more comfortably into the frenetic atmosphere of the show.

If you’re enjoying the fun of the Fringe at around 11 p.m, the likelihood is you’ll have a couple of drinks in you. If this is the case, then the turmoil of this quiz show will perfectly match your muddled mind. However, in broad daylight it won’t bear anything particularly impressive. Then again, it’s not trying to be anything more than what it is- good, solid entertainment.


The Blurb

Horses bring their frenetic quiz show to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time since last year. A mad interactive show where you can win prizes!