The Prophetic Visions of Bethany Lewis

It’s very easy to write a story that grabs someone’s attention. It is much more difficult to do something with the attention that it has gotten. That’s sort of the way I feel about The Prophetic Visions of Bethany Lewis. It’s extremely silly, almost to the point of ridiculousness, and it’s story is basically nonexistent. It’s not got anything to say really yet I can’t help but say it’s a raucous, hilarious time.

It’s hard to talk about what this show is apart from a fun night with puppets saying curse words.

Bethany Lewis is a mother of two and simple Londoner who lives a simple life with her husband up until a can of beans hits her on the head and gives her the ability to see the future. As if this wasn’t enough of a goldmine for comedy, this show is an adult puppet show which means that at this point, anything can happen.

The show has a sort of loose nearly improvisational tone with characters entering and exiting the story in a heartbeat – sometimes only to drop one joke – which could simply be their name. For example, there is a recurring character who is a late night host named Helen Cunt and the show’s Prime Minister named Miss February is portrayed by a mop. There is also a scene where the government, led by Boris Johnsonson, threatened by Bethany’s vision, sends a piece of talking poop to their doorstep. I don’t even know if any of that is the most ridiculous part of the show.

The performances were great, with each person playing multiple characters completely differently and utterly hilariously. With all its crudeness and silliness, it was like watching an episode of South Park being acted out right in front of me. I loved that, but there kind of isn’t anything more than that.

There’s no real substance to this show, which is fine, because it doesn’t need it but it does make my job that much more difficult. I don’t mind that it’s an unabashedly goofy show but the fact that it doesn’t use its humour to say anything or do anything means it’s hard to talk about what this show is apart from a fun night with puppets saying curse words.

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The Blurb

Did you know your neighbour’s mum’s got chlamydia? Bethany Lewis, stay-at-home mother of two, said so. The spirits told her. Beth’s started receiving mysterious visions, and it’s making her famous. Ssspssshhwhh... Oh, hear that? Your dad's an escort. An adult comedy with puppets, from the creators of the 2015 hit The Ascension of Mrs Leech. Previous praise: 'not to be missed' ***** ( 'Flawless … I didn’t want the show to end' ***** ( 'Hilarious' **** (