The Old Fella

He’s a true-blue, straight-talking Aussie and he’s in town for some old fashioned stand-up, knock-em down comedy. Well, I say stand-up but when Rod Gregory, The Old Fella himself, takes to the stage the first thing he does is hang his bushman’s hat on the mic stand and take a seat before getting on with the show.

A performer who spins an entertaining yarn with more than a few mucky jokes thrown in.

A seventy-something, retired farmer and grand finalist on Australia’s Got Talent, Gregory gets cracking straight away with a Viagra joke. It sets the tone for a set packed with jokes about sex, jokes about farting, jokes about farming, jokes about his frisky wife and jokes about getting old.

These jokes emerge from stories about Gregory’s life as he describes a week in the life of an ageing Aussie bloke who has had to hang up the tractor keys and trade in the outback for life in the town. They are old-fashioned jokes and old-fashioned stories in which women are called Shielas and the fair-dinkum is slipped into sentences on a whim.

Of course by ‘old-fashioned’ I mean Gregory has a less than enlightened view of gender politics and a non-existent interest in political correctness, but what else would you expect? What you see on stage is a performer who, apart from the occasional falter in delivery, spins an entertaining yarn with more than a few mucky jokes thrown in – and that's what you get.

If that sounds like entertainment then a trip to see Gregory is well worth the price of a ticket.

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The Blurb

Fourth in Australia's Got Talent, with over 400 sold out shows. This inspirational old Aussie takes a wicked, wicked look at old age, grabs it by the throat and makes a mockery of it. Australia's Got Talent Irish Judge, Brian McFadden, comments ‘a class act, hilariously funny, National Treasure’. Australia's Got Talent Judge, Danni Minogue, ‘it's dirty, it's smutty and we love it, a true Australian gem, original, warm, fantastic.’ He has packed out venues from Sydney to Perth and mesmerised TV audiences everywhere, gives you true blue fair dinkum belly laughs. Don’t miss this show.