The Nualas in 'Hello Again, We're The Nualas'

There is no lack of glitz when it comes to The Nualas; a costume change after just one minute reveals their blindingly sparkling dresses. The three Irish performers immediately convey their carefree characters with quick interchanges, almost finishing each other's sentences. They provide a strong cocktail of songs and gags and left the vast majority of the audience in stitches. But it is certainly clear that this is a show tailored to the older generations.

They provide a strong cocktail of songs and gags and left the vast majority of the audience in stitches.

The songs are the undoubted highlights of the show, well-written and impressively performed. The topics range from families to ballad parodies, and never drag. The Nualas have a clear tendency of keeping their songs short and sweet, keeping the audience engaged and the material fresh. This same trick proves true of the gags they tell between songs too, which are often used to set up the next song. It results in a show that is slick, smooth and maintains a fast pace throughout.

Whilst the material is never overly funny never found the material overly funny, what the Nualas do have works perfectly for their intended older audience. There were concealed chuckles at the mention of a g-string, whilst there were snorts at any hint of an innuendo. It was cleverly written with a high density of witty lines, and audience members were left in stitches by some of the material.

Some of the gags or songs peruse the age-old topics of ageing and marriage, but others feel far more fresh, such as one which reimagines Fifty Shades of Grey. There's no shortage of glitzy caricatures, and for many this will be an ideal comedy show. It’s a fun display - nothing more, nothing less.

Reviews by Hamish Clayton

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The Blurb

In a world where pop stars think nothing of singing in their underwear, The Nualas buck the trend by sporting shiny yet surprisingly affordable frocks. With self-penned songs, scintillating harmony and provocative chat about current stuff, they've wowed audiences everywhere. You will laugh, you will cry, you will probably need to go to the toilet at some point. 'I laughed, cried and went to the toilet' (John, Cork). 'The Nualas have put comedy and music in the blender and come up with a world class soufflé' (Sunday Times). ‘Genius’ ***** (Scotsman).