The Noise Next Door's Comedy Lock-In

Do you like improv? Do you like standup? Hate having to choose between the two? Well, at The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In, you don’t have to settle – you can see both! Yes, at this you’ll even get the chance to see both short-form and long-form improv comedy, as well as two standup sets performed by new and different special guests every night.

A phenomenal show, featuring a truly talented group of improvisers and special guests – a guaranteed hilarious night-out.

The Comedy Lock-In is a fantastically fun audience experience. Nearly every segment of the show (except for the standup acts) is generated on the spot from audience suggestions. There are sketches, games, improvised song and dance – all of it concocted on the spot.

Overall, the show featured flawless improvisation, and phenomenal communication and synergy between the players on stage. In fact, they were so consistently good throughout the show that it’s impossible this was just a one-night fluke. These are improvisers who can find the funny in anything, and I would gladly go see them perform again and again.

This is the perfect show to see if you’re looking to have a fun night-out with the lads or the girls. There was such a great variety of talents on display, both among the Noise Next Door players and the guest acts. Speaking of the two guests, they provided incredibly strong standup sets, brief but hilarious, and which more than made up for the fact that they were perhaps not as good at improvising as the Noise Next Door players.

One of the strengths of the Comedy Lock-In is the brevity of the bits. The show was definitely at its strongest when the improvisers kept it short and sweet. Longer bits tended to drag a little, but these moments were few and far between. Overall, the show was like hard-hitting medication for Comedic ADHD – leaving the audience breathless and howling for more. All in all, The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-In is a phenomenal show, featuring a truly talented group of improvisers and special guests – a guaranteed hilarious night-out. 

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It's back... An entirely unique entertainment experience every night with the quickest wits in comedy and their astonishing special guests. The total sell-out smash hit returns to Edinburgh with a hefty dose of the Noise Next Door's trademark off-the-cuff madness, two stand-up stars, and some once in a lifetime comedy curiosities. Side-splitting gags! Mind-blowing songs! Finely tuned anarchy! 'Hilarious... A superior kind of chaos' (Daily Telegraph). 'Comedy gold... Staggeringly well executed' (Guardian). 'This is 21st century comedy at its very finest and funniest' (Stage). For daily line-ups go to @NoiseNextDoor or