The MMORPG Show – No Rolls Bard

I have never played Dungeons and Dragons. I never thought I would want to. But after seeing The MMORPG Show - No Rolls Bard I am genuinely considering taking it up as a hobby.

A fantastic adventure led by an eloquent wizard of improv. I’m definitely going back for a rematch.

The creator of Knightmare Live, Paul Flannery, brings us a ridiculous improvised comedy featuring tabletop gaming and quite a substantial amount of audience participation. It is a glorious adventure that changes daily depending on the audience and the chosen ones. Three audience members are chosen to be contestants. The rest of the crowd decides the world the questers adventure through, and the campaign they are following.

Paul Flannery is the best kind of improviser. He lets the audience have their say, mostly saying ‘yes’ but never mocking; even the most bizarre of ideas. He conducts us as one would a rowdy orchestra filled with nerds. What a joy to watch! Nothing is out of bounds and the more peculiar the idea the better. The audience members that become contestants are encouraged to name their characters, and state their race (undead goldfish was a particular favourite) but the audience give them their powers. The roll of a D20 (20 sided die to those who are not in the know, as I am now) decides the contestants’ fate.

It’s a small stage, with limited technical elements. We are greeted by a hooded figure playing guitar as we enter. There are four microphones on stage but that is all that is needed. An iPod activated by Flannery at opportune moments is all that is really necessary to add to the Assassin’s Creed costume that he wears. The main star of the show is the audience and the way Flannery interacts with them. This is improvising at it’s finest; constantly striving to make everyone else look good.

This is an hilarious hour of geekery and nerditude. Those familiar with tabletop games will love it. Those unfamiliar with them, ‘n00bs’ as we are apparently called, will find plenty to laugh at too. A fantastic adventure led by an eloquent wizard of improv. I’m definitely going back for a rematch. 

Reviews by Emily Jane Kerr

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The Blurb

A crowd gathers, no doubt they hear that I seek a champion... From Knightmare Live creator Paul Flannery comes The MMORPG Show (Festival Spirit winner VAULT 2016). Following a critically acclaimed Edinburgh debut, the show combining improvised comedy with tabletop gaming is back with even more adventures, campaigns and absurdities. For every choice, a consequence; for every show, a new quest. Success decided by a large D20…(20-sided die). Will you be victorious? Will you bring harmony to the kingdom or will you betray your new friends for personal glory? Heroes apply within.