The Men Who Made Frankenstein
  • London Fringe

Whose bodies were used to create the monster of Frankenstein? No Exit meets Saw in this squirm-inducing twist on a horror classic.

1791: Edward and Margaret are condemned to hang. The trapdoors open, the ropes snap tight, and they wake, horrified but alive, trapped in the cells of Dr. Frankenstein. Soon their debt for rescue will be due. The payment: healthy flesh, ripe for transplant!

Celebrating 200 years since Shelley completed her novel, The Men Who Made Frankenstein is a daring adaptation that dissects the ethics of human experimentation. A harrowing journey into the science of how Frankenstein could have created his monster, drawing inspiration from medical history, and classic horror films such as The Thing. Our show looks at part of the novel rarely investigated: who had to die so that such a creature could live?