The Loveboat Big Band Album Launch Extravaganza

Hello Sailor. Welcome to port. My eyes are up here. How have your travels been? Cooped up on that barnacle ridden boat, slaving away, mopping the decks, raising the anchor, you must be desperate for some ol’-fashioned good times? Am I right? Then bring yourself down town, you naughty nautical boy, and climb aboard The Loveboat – a swinging, grooving, jiving, somewhat homoerotic, super-fun evening of big band bonanzas, crop-top-wearing hula-hoopers and giant, inflatable Champagne bottles.

What is The Loveboat? Why Sailor, you really have been riding the high seas for too long. The question is, who are The Loveboats? The answer to that question, my cabin-dwelling chum, is they are an old school jazz outfit who will offer you glamorous, big band numbers filled with passion, zest, stunning vocals and tight, solid arrangements from the many musicians on stage.

You want horns? They got it. You want double bass? They got it. You want a pianist looking through a telescope out at the audience whilst muttering some unintelligible guff about an apocalyptic tsunami? Well, sure, me neither, but they got that too anyway. So throw on your glad-rags, set your compass and power full steam ahead to The Loveboat.

Don’t worry if you miss them though, sailor, just be sure to catch them next time you’re docked. If you like good ol’ hip-swinging fun times, that is, and you sure look like the kinda guy who likes a good time. Maybe a strong sea man like you can show a soft city girl like me a good time? Why don’t you take me back to your ship and show me your love boat? Is that a canoe is your pocket or are you just having a good time?

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The Blurb

Swing spectacular, featuring members of Orkestra del Sol, The Bevvy Sisters and Mr McFall’s Chamber. Plus cameos from the best of the fest and free cocktails. ‘Simply brilliant! Must-see’ ***** (Forth FM).