The Shack Comedy Club is a new venue just beginning to find its feet. As a result, the main problem with its Late Night Shack Show is the price. It’s not worth nine pounds, nor will many people pay this amount for a comedy night with an unannounced line-up. One or two of the comedians failed to turn up and so acts which were not previously scheduled were forced to perform. However, apart from a few awkwardly long intervals, this didn’t matter. All the acts, scheduled or improvised, delivered.

Jojo Sutherland was a very likeable host. Although slightly flustered about plans not going accordingly, she was exuberant and guests eagerly awaited their turn to be chatted to.

Carl Hutchinson, the first act, charmed with his friendly, relaxed style, sneaking a few confidential, sly smiles before every cheeky confession. Without giving away too much of his material, if you see his show you will be treated with tales of his flatulent abuse while teaching maths to schoolchildren, as well as a vibrantly imaginative story about what Jeeves - of the AskJeeves search engine - is doing now.

Next up was the world-weary Stewart Black, who - black by name, black by material - shared his views on the dark facts about sex, money and death.

Jelly Bean Martinez, the devilishly attractive, camp, lisping Spanish pop star was an immediate hit. If Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno became obsessed with Enrique Iglesias, Jelly Bean Martinez would be the result. His songs Confused and Bisexuales featured audience involvement at its best - one of the volunteers even confessed his undying love for Jelly Bean between giggles.

Nick Beaton, the last act, was confident and charismatic. His jokes about various celebrity incidents of adultery were seedy, yet unfortunately weren’t witty enough to get away with it. However, the rest of his material was sound, the oddities he’d observed about our modern internet era being especially entertaining.

The Late Night Shack Show has promise and if last night was anything to go by, you’ll be treated to an assortment of talented comics.

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