The Last Piemen

The Last Piemen follows the story of two rival pie makers, one of whom favours the traditional approach, while the other is an innovator. They and their two assistants fight it out between them until a greater threat appears. A new company intends to exponentially increase the population of their little village and build a giant shopping mall. The piemen must decide what they are willing to do in order to survive these new circumstances.

A brilliant way to spend an hour at the Fringe.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this show was the audience response. Everyone loved it. Every single joke found its mark and every piece of physical comedy was greeted with delight. I even overheard several people in the enthusiastic queue to go into the show saying that this was their second time seeing it and that they were keen to sit at the front this time in order to get a good view of the 'choreography' (there aren't any dance routines, as such, but some of the footwork is worth being able to see). The cast really responded to the energy in the room, performing with boundless zeal and a real willingness to let the audience feel a part of the production.

The cast is exactly what it needs to be. None of them are really top-of-the-range actors, but that's not required here. They are excellent performers, skilled at getting all the laughs they can out of their material and endearing themselves to the audience. They also all have good comic range. They treat us to some very funny slapstick, some speedy banter and even a bit of light satire.

The show contains a number of nice little touches, such as a coolly ironic voiceover which deals with any exposition that is needed with plenty of self-awareness and willingness to poke fun at the silly story. In all, this is hardly revolutionary comedy, but it is a brilliant way to spend an hour at the Fringe.

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The Blurb

One small town. Two small pie shops. One big problem. A 200-year-old rivalry reaches its crusty peak as a traditional town is threatened by the modern world. With only one slice of the pie left, enemies will have to become friends, friends will have to become enemies and someone is going to have to multi-role because there are only four of us. The Last Piemen is a fast-paced comedy, stuffed full of fun and whether you like them meaty or fruity the puns will have you in pie-ces. #ThePiemen