The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Who Runs the World Tour

Glamour, glitter and girls - The Lady Boys of Bangkok is a fabulous collection of performers who lip sync and dance to feel good songs opening with Gloria Gaynor’s First Be A Woman and whirling through fantastic numbers including music from Rihanna, Tina Turner, and the soundtrack to Chicago.

An extravaganza of colour and excitement

Sat around a table in the traditional cabaret style, a variety of podiums are dotted across the big top auditorium which will certainly be occupied later during the larger-scale numbers. As with any typical variety show, there is the wit of recitations, a lap dance and many dance numbers all performed by the all-male Thai group plus their assistant often referred to as ‘the little guy’ from Lancashire.

The Lady Boys delve into big showstoppers filled with Amazonian warriors, a take on Little Mix’s Shout Out To My Ex and The Circle Of Life. The performers are all vibrant and connect with the audience members and participation is included in a few numbers, particularly the comedy ones. The show is a mix of contemporary music and popular tunes with glorious costumes that match the grand style of the show. There’s plenty of feather boas, high boots and very tiny bits of clothing!

The performers do have moments where the execution of the choreography is a little weak but otherwise the dances are exciting and show off the talent of the performers. Yet it is not just the glamour but the fun that makes this night such a treat. Comic scenes such as a spoof of The Full Monty and an ode to Scotland are hilarious and certainly appeal to the audience while honouring the Fringe itself.

On top of the performances, a bar and Thai food are available with food and drink being allowed in the main auditorium during the performance. Sit back for an extravaganza of colour and excitement, and prepare to leave with a grin fixed on your face.

Reviews by Caitlin Powell

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The Blurb

It just couldn’t be more fabulous! Cheekier, funnier, flirtier... the country's top touring cabaret show returns with a lavish new production. The entertainment never lets up as the seductiveness of Hollywood and the stylish glitz of Las Vegas meet the great traditions of classic British music hall. More songs and big-scale musical production numbers than you could pout a painted lip at. Let your hair down and luxuriate in the colourful euphoria of laughter, beauty, glamour and music. The most sequin-studded, mesmerising, intoxicating, good-times celebration to hit the Fringe!