The Knowing Smirk Comedy Show

Banter and silliness are the driving force of this Cheltenham sketch comedy troupe. Comfortable in their own skin and being on the stage, The Knowing Smirk gang will welcome its audience to join in the fun as easily as inviting a friend to the local pub, and all the giggling that comes along with it. And that's just swell.

Laughing together is the aim, rather than laughing at.

But it's not the local pub, unfortunately. So the silliness does become a bit too much at times and there is a sense of amateur seeping through the acting when things should be reigned in slightly. Aye, laughter and a warm mirth resonates in the room, but there is also a lot of long-winded dialogue, repeated jokes and 'urrrrs' as the next joke fails to deliver itself promptly. It's hard to highlight these plain facts as the actors really could not be friendlier or sweeter – they even give badges out to witty audience members, and a doughnut to the first person through the door (who they didn't realise would be reviewing them) for goodness’ sake. They're lovely.

Like joining a group of friends playing parlour games in your living room, The Knowing Smirk Comedy Show will invoke some wholesome and genuine tittering. In fact, the improv games are great ones for taking home! Simple Helpful Hands does what it says on the tin – let your partner be your hands and gesticulate on your behalf, and Stop Hammertime is a stop-start reel of scenes being picked up by a new actor each turn. It is certainly a two-way show between actors and audience: laughing together is the aim, rather than laughing at. Fun for all the family.

Reviews by Lydia Nowak

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The Knowing Smirk Comedy Show

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The Blurb

Knowing Smirk is an established Cheltenham-based sketch comedy group, as well as comedy improvisation. If you’re brave enough to join in, you'll get a badge and no diseases. Follow Knowing Smirk on Twitter @knowing_smirk, and if you can’t make it to the show, tweet your suggestions and they’ll be included!