The Kiosk: A See, Do, Connect Experience

By equity rules if there are more cast on stage than audience you don't need to perform. This cast definitely don't need to perform as there are only 3 of us and I wish they hadn't.

The Kiosk is a contemporary dance piece by 4Motion Dance Theatre Company who are, according to their programme notes, the resident dance company at The Firestation in Windsor. A spooky voiceover informs us that some time in the unspecified future the world has been taken over by an evil communications company. The mobile has destroyed our communities and the telephone kiosk lies dormant. It seems that the world has been split into three awful stereotypes; drunken tramps who like to blow bubbles, some sort of cult dressed in white that worships the kiosk (why?), rebels dressed in denim wearing 'Occupy' masks and the robotic communications people, smiley on the outside evil on the inside (made obvious to the audience - in case they couldn't work it out - by the use of black shirts).

Whilst watching I assumed this was a student group and the dancers were still in training. I singled out one who had some raw talent and who I thought might make it with further training. On discovering they were a professional company I was shocked. The standard of dance technique for a professional dance company was dire. The choreography was repetitive and unoriginal.

I found the use of masturbation (particularly the accompanying sound effects) and endless sexual thrusting in front of the audience childish. The narrative was repetitive with cyclical sections of each of the four types of future human taking it in turns to perform sections. The only time there was anything different and interesting was when two dancers played vicious guard dogs.

Their blurb promised visual projections but I must have missed that bit. This is also billed as a see, do, connect experience, implying it's an immersive experience. It is not.

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We live in a world where the mobile device is king and the pay phone kiosk stands decrepit and rejected. A new breed of human is developing, weaving into societies digital and wireless utopia without hesitation. The Kiosk is an explosive dance theatre performance with a heavy concoction of dark humour, theatre, music and visual projections.