The journey of a body
  • London Fringe

The body we inhabit began its journey not when we were born in this life but centuries ago. If we could travel back in time we might see how our genes pass generation by generation through a vast clan until finally reaching who we are today.

In this current society where we are told what to do, what to feel and what to look like, shall we go back and try to trace the beauty of the unique features that make us what we are? Shall we stop running away from the inescapable, and start to remember the old stories that celebrate the miracle of our existence?


She has a body, she is a body, a body inquiring about when she appeared for the first time on Earth. She is peeling back the layers of what she has been told that she should be. What her mind cannot remember, her body does, wondering about the depth of her heritage. Her body is fighting to comprehend the richness of her

history, the strength of her clan during the time of warriors and witches. Among the anxiety of her present life, she is trying to connect the missing pieces of her story.