The Jonny and Joe Show

Jonny & Joe are couple of young lads with an inventive and interesting series of sketches. The venue was ludicrously warm, so make sure you're well armed with a drink and something to fan yourself with before entering, but it was ok because the comedy on stage was red hot as well.

Their bare set consisted of just a couple of tatty old office chairs and some scattered papers, but their talent was enough to conjure up a succession of convincing and well-acted characters over the course of the next hour. The fact that both are quite easy on the eye didn't do them any harm either, with pretty-boy Joe's blond good looks fitting well for a variety of 'innocent' roles, and contrasting nicely with Jonny's ability to carry off the intense, dark and sinister look when required.

From their “I've bought you a present – it's a horse” opening sketch, through the “I'm an assassin, you're a cop – oops” number and the “let's practice our stage slaps” routines, it's all well put together, staying just on the right side of absurd, whilst retaining an edge of darkness throughout. Only the “John Major: The musical” sung finale seemed to flag a little, but the audience were with them all the way, earning them a large and well-deserved round of applause at the end.

For a great hour of escapist fun, the Jonny and Joe show is the place to be.

The Blurb

Pleasance Dome. 30th July - 25th August (not 11th). 20:10 (1h)