The Jokes I’m Most Fond of...

Glenn Wool is a 20-year veteran of the comedy circuit. Famous around the world for his unique brand of twisted humour, his most recent tour The Jokes I’m Most Fond Of, is, as the name suggests, a glorious celebration of his very favourite material.

I would wholeheartedly recommend that everyone who can, should go and indulge themselves with an hour or so of restorative laughter.

As he rocks on stage to The Who, music chosen especially for the Brighton audience, it is clear he is completely at his ease. He begins with a little chiding for our apparent lack of energy on this Sunday night at the Komedia, something that he soon sets right. The Canadian comic then explains his love for England, a country where he lived for many years until an attempt at Hollywood fame and fortune came to a less than spectacular conclusion. Perhaps because this guy, while high-octane and entirely lovable, is a comic who kicks the tyres of political correctness and then, with a gleeful grin sets the whole damn car on fire.

His smoothly subversive and well-loved jokes seem to blend seamlessly despite their pick n’ mix origins and, with the ability to make everyone in the room feel that he was somehow sharing a private joke with you alone, he had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. Tales of a life of excess fell hard on the heels of a character assassinations of Al Qaida and some questionable sentiments on the subject of air travel and swans, all delivered in such a way as to leave every member of the crowd roaring and crying with laughter.

The evening was sadly much too short as great comedy shows always seem to be. Ending with a note of genuine thanks, heartfelt and bumbling which I think made every member of the audience want to buy him and pint and slap him on the back we were turned out into the night. All of us a little bit happier, energised by the thrilling buzz only the finest, high grade comedy can give.

On this final leg of his UK tour he is playing at the Soho Theatre in London from the 6-10 of May and I would wholeheartedly recommend that everyone who can, should go and indulge themselves with an hour or so of restorative laughter. He then rounds off his tour with a few dates in Estonia, Finland and finally Switzerland but will be sure to return in the not too distant future with more comedy gold gleaned from amongst the greyness of everyday life.

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The Jokes I’m Most Fond of...

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The Blurb

Glenn has a comedy career that spans 20 years with television and live engagements over 5 continents. He has performed 7 different solo shows at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He wants to share his favourite material with you, and will choose each night from the vast collection in his new (old) show 'The jokes I’m most fond of'. Join him on this journey. "Effortlessly funny with an affability that other comics can only dream of – You have to go and see Glenn Wool" (The Guardian)