The Inventor and The Escort

In the midst of a New York snow storm, a working girl named Julia is drinking an icy margarita on a makeshift beach in her two-piece, whilst shy Jeffrey, an inventor of some bizarre and wonderful sex-toys, is fumbling with suntan-lotion and an inflatable palm tree. Could there be a spark between the most unlikely of pairings? From acclaimed American stage writer Matt Morillo comes a charming story that explores the nature of sexuality, normality and love which unravels in a humorous yet emotional fashion. Jeffrey, played by Jaret Sacrey, and Julia, played by Jessica Moreno, deliver a stunning dual performance in their character representations that feel incredibly realistic, with strong praise going to Moreno’s raw emotional output. From beginning to end, the play remains solid in its script whilst being maintained to a high standard by these two talented actors.

The captivating dialogue gives credit to Sacrey and Moreno’s performance, complementing the avidly deep characterisations which unmask ‘Jeffrey’ and ‘Julia’ as more than just an inventor and a call girl. The relationship between the socially awkward Jeffrey and the outwardly flamboyant Julia becomes gradually more profound in perspective and the reconciliation is nothing less than heartwarming.

Thematically, the play takes a powerful look at the innocence behind dating and sex (whilst making plenty of references to Pretty Woman) and demonstrates the normality of the unconventional. Morillo effectively fashions a fresh perception of prostitution without tripping into the clichéd pitfalls of a stereotypical gender education class. It may be called cute, it may be called dramatic, either way The Inventor & The Escort is a delightful performance which should not be missed.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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The Blurb

Julia, a call girl, on a date with Jeffrey, a reclusive wealthy man and inventor of best-selling sexual devices. A trick routine ends up with Jeffrey and Julia getting considerably more than they bargained for.