The Improverts

I’m gonna start by saying this: I think reviewing improv is tough. The nature of the medium means it changes every night and is hard to be even slightly objective about. For the Improverts Fringe show, this is made even harder, because they change performers every night. But I will take to the task at hand and say this: The Improverts put on a damn good show. Dead accountants, Jimmy Buffett, and Spiderman’s sheep aside, these guys are talented and capable performers.

It’s not the funniest show I’ve ever seen, but for late night improv comedy? Not too bad.

The show’s structure is as follows: six short form improv games, all of which are meant to take about ten minutes each. This could have some classics, like a criminal trying to figure out the weird crime they committed, and an Oscar Winning Speech, as well as some games I’d never heard of before, such as The Great American musical. One of the things that was impressive to me about the show was the willingness to not only incorporate audience suggestions, but audience participation.

Every other game, the audience could shout out a suggestion or a command in the middle of a scene, and the improverts took it all in stride. At the end I was hitting myself for not having the confidence to get up on stage and join them, as so many did during the last game. Furthermore, the Improverts made an excellent go of taking some truly out-there suggestions, which I have to take some unfortunate responsibility for. If any of them read this, wondering who the asshole was suggesting that they spend far too much time talking about famed novelty musician Jimmy Buffett and his songs, I apologise. You guys did a damn good job with it though.

Reviewing improv comedy is difficult because there’s less to judge. For the most part, there’s nothing to talk about other than the humor of the people on stage, and whether you think it’s funny. In the case of the improverts, the show I saw was fantastic, interactive, and hilarious. Each of the performers was dynamic, quick to react, and open to dumb suggestions. It’s not the funniest show I’ve ever seen, but for late night improv comedy? Not too bad. 

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Always different, always funny, Edinburgh's longest running improvised comedy troupe is back behind Bedlam Theatre's big red doors for yet another year of lightning fast wit, expert tech, and high energy performances. Each night a dynamic combination of players take to the stage for another round of spontaneous short form sketches based entirely on audience suggestions, resulting in a unique and hilarious show every time. 'A highly enjoyable and memorable night' ( ‘An energetic must-see for any and all who like to laugh' ( The Improverts is a show not to be missed.