The Human Sketchipede

The Human Sketchipede packs a good deal into what the flyer promises will be “a unique brand of surreal sketch show”. Unfortunately, the majority of the sketches tend to be overly formulaic, and suffer from a lack of originality.

Overall, there are too many sketches that refer back to earlier ideas in repetitive and unimaginative ways.

The underlying problem with most of the sketches is that the jokes too often begin and end with their premises. Though the players aim to be topical, the talking-points referred to are often dated, and are not approached from a fresh or surprising enough angle. Allusions include: silly people who celebrate being ‘random’; the by now tired point that female superheroes are always dressed in impractical, skimpy clothing; and the fact that television panel shows have a token woman as a guest, who is then largely ignored. But once these topics are introduced as the subjects of the jokes, the sketches do not move forward to more refreshing ground, and often feel like they needlessly drag on.

There are some scenes that work well, however, when the jokes depend less on methodically revealing a concept, and instead tread lightly into the realm of absurdity. There is a delightful sketch during which a father tries to marry off his three daughters, for example, involving an orange monster which is as nutty as it is funny. But overall, there are too many sketches that refer back to earlier ideas in repetitive and unimaginative ways. There is a scene, for example, where a man in a club is using bathetic pick-up lines on a dancing woman, but once the nature of the joke is revealed, the punch lines quickly become predictable.

The players show that they are talented, and they have indeed created some successful scenes. But they would benefit from placing more trust in the audience, and bringing a greater level of subtlety to their jokes.

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The Blurb

The nine person Sketchipede known as Scribble present an hour of their best material. Featuring a unique brand of surreal sketch comedy, we invite you to: Binge on buffoonery! Be Heimlich maneuvered with humour! Sip the water of wit!