The Hogwallops

The Hogwallops is a joyful show for all the family that combines astounding acrobatics, physical humour and a heartfelt story meaning there is something for everyone. The show follows the Hogwallops family on the father’s birthday as they go through an ordinary day with the most extraordinary circus skills.

The Hogwallops will captivate audiences of all ages with its magical wit and charm.

The performers immediately engage the audience, inviting us to sing happy birthday to the father and they create a clear, if simplistic, image of who their characters are thanks to their dynamic body language that more than makes up for the poor volume and vocal clarity. If anything the dialogue is somewhat incidental and mainly exists to fill the gaps during scene changes in this hugely visual and physical show.

There are some fantastically imaginative segments, ranging from a trapeze being used as a washing line, as the mother tidies up and bemoans about her endless housework to a hilarious juggling act. But the crowning glory has to be the ageing father’s aerial act; I wonder how many circus shows can claim to have a zimmer frame used in a trapeze act?

The performers happily embrace the unexpected. There were a couple of mistakes during one of the juggling acts but it was of no matter as they made it work for their characters and made the show stronger for it. It’s these moments of spontaneity that prove who the ones to watch are and The Hogwallops definitely come under that umbrella.

I was left with a massive grin on my face, long after the show and The Hogwallops will captivate audiences of all ages with its magical wit and charm.

Reviews by Liam Rees

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The Blurb

Thrillingly spectacular circus skills blend seamlessly with physical comedy, theatrical storytelling and slapstick in this colourful, loud and funny dramatisation of the domestic adventures of a chaotic family of misfits. Heart stopping virtuosic skilful aerial and floor acrobatics and a specially composed live score contribute to the mix creating a dysfunctional, quirky and comic family show in the true sense. A treat for the eyes and ears with thrills, gasps, laughs and drama from fast rising UK based contemporary circus company Lost In Translation. Recommended for ages 5+.