The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon

Puppetry, poetry, dance and live music are interwoven in this splendid succession of stories from five zany friends. When the car in which Jack, Clive, Selina, Scarlet and Luna are travelling in towards Komedia Studio breaks down, the eccentric quintet find themselves within a deep, dark forest. So begins the often blurred lines between imagination and reality in this visual spectacular from The Human Zoo.

the very talented cast makes The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon a must-see musical

Wishing to make the best of a bad situation, the five-piece decide to tell each other stories. They don’t divulge in the latest tabloid gossip, but choose instead to tell cautionary tales for the post-fairytale age. This modern take on traditional storytelling sees tales of Hollywood dreams, plastic surgery, technology obsessions, identity and self indulgences come alive through song, word-play and dark humour. Throughout the performance, each character tells their own tale, reflecting their own personalities, hopes and fears. Although the stories are often surreal and supernatural, they allow us to discover more about the characters onstage and their relationships with each other. However, the contemporary subject matters chosen mean that many of the flaws presented will also feel all too familiar to too many of us.

Despite this awareness, the show isn’t heavy handed or judgemental. The audience was kept rapt throughout, with many scenes causing young and old alike to erupt into heaps of laughter. The design is witty and playful, astutely using props to make visual jokes, such as when Selina’s dress unexpectedly produces wings. The show’s humorous nature and confident, relaxed cast allow the audience to feel more like friends around a fireside than paid ticket holders.

Like most good fairytales, reality is distorted into the extremes. With the grotesque, astonishing and wondrous depicting the limitless experiences humans can have, this imaginative production produced boundless enjoyment for all. The undeniable variety and versatility shown by the very talented cast makes The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon a must-see musical. 

Reviews by Oliver Lugg

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Join this tattered troupe as Luna's tragic tale unravels for the first time. But why tonight? A patchwork of puppetry, poetry, movement and live music stitched together with The Human Zoo's explosive visual imagination. "This is certainly a must-see show" ***** (British Theatre Guide)