The Gin Chronicles

Interrupt the Routine takes a trip back in time to the 1940s, where their broadcast of a new radio play The Gin Chronicles is about to begin. Sophistication, class and plucky British humour duly ensues, to great effect.

Rarely can a show make one laugh so hard and for such a long period of time.

At first the idea of staging a radio play as a piece of theatre seems a little contradictory, but the troupe smash any preconceptions of doubt within seconds. By staging a radio play, Interrupt the Routine have managed to create something wonderfully visual in a way that takes advantage of the antics behind the microphones, right from the detailed recreation of the broadcast room to the frantic shenanigans of the foley artist trying to keep up with the four actors. The hilarious sound effects made by this artist are incredibly entertaining to watch as he scratches coconuts, bangs trays and even hits himself with vegetables, all to create the most ingenious sounds to complement the play's narration.

The actors perform hysterical scenes in front of their mics, as they all play multiple characters in many different voices that really exhibit their remarkable talents. Slapstick and gesture enhance the buzz of energy on stage and the longer we watch, the more chaos we see as the performers dive from mic to mic. The energy and activity is so exciting that our eyes dart across the stage, every second seeing something new. All we can do is look and laugh along with glee.

The further into calamity we fall, the funnier it gets. The company are clearly masters of wit from the sophisticated comedy of manners at the start and progressing into Pythonesque silliness by the end. Yet amongst all of this humour, the show captures the essence of the the 1940s brilliantly, from the impeccable accents right down to the primitive sound effects.

Rarely can a show make one laugh so hard and for such a long period of time. The Gin Chronicles is overflowing with tip top British wit and all there is left to say is simply tally ho, pip pip and Bob's your uncle! A ruddy good show all round.

Reviews by Alex Hargreaves

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The Blurb

Step into a 1940s radio studio as Interrupt the Routine unleash their vintage, radio-style comedy The Misfits of London: The Gin Chronicles. Amateur detectives John Jobling and his housemaid Doris Golightly are on the hunt for a missing London Gin magnate, Cornelius Jupiter, attempting to uncover what's going on behind the goings-on. Will their encounters with a raft of colourful and intriguing characters be just the tonic to help them solve the gin mystery, or will the situation turn rummy?! Four actors and a Foley artist present a rollercoaster comedy in this verbal and visual treat.