The Evolution Will Be Televised

Kate Smurthwaite brings a wonderful hour of comedy mixed with a lovely science lesson to the Free Fringe, and is on every day at 8:20pm until the 23rd August. Mixing witty stand up with a slideshow of apes (orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos) is not a recipe I had heard of – but it works very well.

Personally, I learned more throughout the course of her show than I did in my Higher Biology class.

Smurthwaite keeps the audience engaged right from the beginning. When we are welcomed in by her friendly face as she sets up the stage, and she shares cola laces with the audience members, I feel as though the show has already begun.

Personally, I learned more throughout the course of her show than I did in my Higher Biology class. It was clear that most of the audience felt the same, and we even received a free badge with a chimpanzee or gorilla on it. The performance is filled with information that is delivered in a fun, charismatic way and has the audience giggling and interacting with each other as we play Smurthwaite’s quiz.

Smurthwaite’s delivery is captivating. It feels like talking to a friend as you study for a biology exam. She is talented and witty with a great sense of humour. Some might find this show rather offensive to religion, which Smurthwaite mentions at the start, but the show is in no way directed to offend, it simply opens up conversation - advertised as a “comedy grown-up show, for grown-ups”. For a fun hour of learning about evolution, creating open and sophisticated conversation, and discovering that we are more like apes than we had ever imagined, this show is definitely worth a watch. 

Reviews by Jessica Innes


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The Blurb

Join 2013 ThreeWeeks Editors' Award winner Kate Smurthwaite for a primate function*! An interactive comedy show about orang-utans, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and us. Ook. ‘A brilliant comedian’ (ScotsGay). ‘An engaging personality and an eloquent speaker, it is little wonder she is much in demand in the media’ ( ‘A powerhouse of observational wit’ (Spectator). While this is a grown-up comedy show for grown-ups, intelligent teenagers with liberal parents are very welcome. *No archbishops.