The Dean Martin Christmas Show

The Dean Martin Christmas Show aims to explore the warm relationship between Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra as they appear on the titular Christmas special. The two showbiz old-timers perform hit songs while they natter backstage about the past and what the future holds for the both of them. Meanwhile the dancers frolic, producers panic, and the audience – privy to more than what happens on stage – is treated to a live studio experience.

The backstage moments are far too underdeveloped to grant any significant insight or meaning to the audience

For a show that purports to show us more about the two showbiz icons in their private interactions, the backstage moments are far too underdeveloped to grant any significant insight or meaning to the audience. There are dialogues that amount to little and besides Sinatra saying that he has impending Alzheimer’s and could not do another tour, there is little investment into the thoughts of the either of them.

The production therefore feels like an excuse to indulge in oldie after oldie, accompanied by cheesy dance moves from the showgirls that are rather nostalgic of the glitz and glamour of the past. To be fair, both actors give incredible vocal impersonations and the songs provide, by their own virtue, enduring entertainment value to all ages. If listening to classic pop music live is what you are looking for, the show won’t disappoint. The audience does join in on their own, out of fondness perhaps for a different era of family, love and music.

For those of you who wish to watch Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra live, this will have its own appeal. For an entire stage production devoted to tell us more about the two icons, there is much reminiscence with little new to say.

Reviews by Timothy Leonine Tsang


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Join Dean Martin in the studio recording his Christmas TV special with his glamorous showgirls and Frank Sinatra, as they bring back the excitement of a national TV show with memorable hits, comedy moments and festive delights. But away from the cameras we eavesdrop backstage on two legends reflecting on their past, and at this stage in their careers what is left to do? Back from 2015 sell-out shows: ‘It's great fun and doing good business’ (Fife Free Press). ‘A Christmas cracker' **** (Edinburgh Evening News). 'Bordering on genius’ (RockSport).