The Creative Martyrs: Cabapocalypsaret

Last year the Creative Martyrs offered weary Fringe-goers refuge from the apocalypse in their musical show at the end of the world. They encouraged the huddled masses to work together to rebuild society using the egalitarian world of cabaret as a model. This year these TO&ST Cabaret Award nominees return to the Speakeasy at the Voodoo Rooms to assess how successful they were in building a new world and even question if they have, if fact, achieved utopia.

The Creative Martyrs are one of the most unique and talented acts currently working the cabaret circui

The Martyrs are talented lyricists and musicians and to spend an hour in their company is a delight. The blending of cello and ukulele gives their music a wistful yet playful sound and, combined with their fast wit and scripted banter it makes for a delightful show. Several suggestions from enthusiastic audience members led to us agreeing that the Apocalypse had come about by zombie epidemic - of course - and that our best hope for Utopia lay in embracing the holy trinity of love, dance and more gin.

The Creative Martyrs are one of the most unique and talented acts currently working the cabaret circuit and this is another wonderfully dark and delightful piece of musical theatre.

Although it’s clear that the Creative Martyrs believe in democracy, I would be happy to live under their benevolent dictatorship.

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The Blurb

...after the apocalypse and life goes on in the Cabapocalypsaret, day to day, come what may, for every waif and stray, The Creative Martyrs play, pluck, strum and urge you to sing along, as we strive onwards toward civilisation... Following Tales from a Cabaret and the TO&ST Award nominated The Hour Long Sinister Wink, after After the Apocalypse come to the Cabapocalypsaret. ‘Darkly satirical, Weimar-tinged wit’ ***** ( ‘Disarming, fun, and oh-so-slightly political’ **** (Fringe ‘Among the most compelling cabaret performers at the Fringe’ **** (Time Out). Do join us...