The Colour Ham

This show has rightfully picked up a bit of a cult following over the past few years and on the night I was in the audience it was completely sold out. This was a thoroughly entertaining madcap hour of absurd humour, magic tricks and some very nifty illusions. Magician Kevin McMahon, mentalist Colin McLeod and ’guy that pulls funny faces’ Gavin Oates have crafted an anything-goes style hour of cheeky Scottish fun.

This was a thoroughly entertaining madcap hour of absurd humour, magic tricks and some very nifty illusions.

The audience feels as much part of the show as the performers through some fantastic interaction that really injects some energy into the spectacle. The three are great fun and are clearly having a ball, even trying at times to make each other corpse. McMahon is a likeably cuddly magician; McLeod’s tricks are truly outstanding and make him an enigmatic presence; Oates is just absolutely hilarious every time he walks onto the stage with some preposterous banter.

Some of the tricks in this show will really surprise you and it is testament to the fast-paced repartee between the trio that their use of misdirection works without a flaw. If you haven’t seen this company yet, then now is the time - these guys are at the top of their game and its quickly becoming a must see at the festival.

There is one hitch however: if you have seen these guys in previous years, you may walk out feeling a little cheated. Whilst the show is not exactly the same as bygone performances it still sticks to pretty much the same formula and uses a lot of the same jokes and tricks. These guys have deservedly managed to garner a bit of a fan base and it’s essential now that the show plays as much to returning audience as it does to new ones. Something needs shaking up before the show becomes stale. Anyone returning will still have a great time - there’s no denying the talent on show here - but you may be happy with knocking a star off the above rating.

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‘Ingenious’ (Scotsman). ‘They take magic, comedy and mentalism, destroy it and rearrange it in a way that just hasn't been done yet. Comedy is the new rock and roll folks and this band are on the verge of something great’ **** (Skinny Magazine). ‘One of the highlights of the Fringe 2013’ ***** (ThreeWeeks). ‘They will take your breath away, hide it and then make it appear in someone else's pocket’ **** ( The Colour Ham will rock your socks off and you won't even have to take off your shoes.