The Bridge

Written and performed by Benjamin Scheuer, The Bridge is a beautiful addition to the C Venues programme. Performing in an intimate studios in C Nova, this show is an exploration of one man’s experiences as he faces up to adulthood when he should have been enjoying the pleasures of adolescence.

A guitar and a microphone are all it takes for Ben to transport us across the ocean and into the legendary late night supper clubs of the lower east side of New York. The production starts with a light tone but soon develops into an emotional and compassionate account of one man’s struggle to please his father and take on the greatest battle of his life, by trying to defeat an illness which could kill him. Song highlights include ‘Weather the Storm’.

It’s Ben’s performance style which really engages the audience and never lets them go over the hour long show; his honesty as he performs songs comes from his very heart and soul and leaves the audience refreshed.

With tight direction from John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts Director, Sean Daniels, the story together has been woven into to a flowing and beautiful narrative.The only slight distraction is Ben is still a bit too reliant on his ‘book’, though that will almost certainly smooth out as the run beds in. Ben is no stranger to the Fringe and has written many successful shows. However, his decision to open his heart and not just write a show but to actually be the show is massive credit to his talent.

It is so reaffirming to see quality theatre of the magnitude this early in the Fringe season. If you relish the opportunity to drift away for an hour and see someone else’s life for what it is, tough, strong but always loving, then get down to C Nova and meet Benjamin Scheuer, a man who is waiting to cross the bridge with you.

Reviews by Brett Herriot

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The Blurb

Autobiographical one-man musical: love, loss and Benjamin Scheuer's diagnosis and triumph over advanced stage cancer, all before age 30. Blisteringly candid and deeply funny, revealing how we are all connected. From writer of Jihad: The Musical.