The Brexorcist

I was really looking forward to this show. The press release says it contains some of the best performers and musicians from the city and examines the social, political, ideological and emotional factors that led us to where we are today, through the form of a darkly, satirical musical. Sounds current, satirical and exciting. Sadly, a packed house at The Speigeltent was in for a disappointing, disjointed and, frankly at times, bewildering journey.

It would have been a much better show if they’d just cut all the confusing script and played the songs to the films.

It was a sure sign that things weren’t going well when audience members started walking out. It didn’t help that we couldn’t hear the first 15 minutes of the show – something was going on with a mobile phone, a security guard and an audience member, but we couldn’t hear a thing. If these are some of the best performers in the city then I suggest they work on their vocal technique.

It then transpired that it wasn’t actually a full house, at least a third of the audience were made up with the house choir, the Dulcetones. This was actually a nice touch and the choir could sing well, but could have done with some amplification. The lyrics to the twelve songs were clever with a couple of standouts. “We praise the private sector” and “Celebrate” could have been at home on an Ian Dury and the Blockheads album. But unfortunately these songs did nothing to move the action forward or to aid the very thin story.

The best bit about this show was the digital backdrop of subversive and satirical films. There was real talent on show with the artistry and animation. It would have been a much better show if they’d just cut all the confusing script and played the songs to the films. This, with the added choir and some better sound equipment, would have made for an entertaining show.

The show was billed with a running time of 90 minutes but overran by an excruciating half an hour. The Brexorcist really needs at least half an hour cutting out of it, some clear direction and a much better script.

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The Blurb

"Fear and Loathing in the UK - The true story of Brexit, what was behind it and what is going on now. A multi-media, political farce with a killer soundtrack!" (SLAB magazine). A darkly satirical exploration of the events which surround us, 'The Brexorcist' is a spectacular and playful romp through retail therapy, division, hope, fear, globalisation, money, power, addiction, prejudice, populism, liberalism, the political elite, the rise of the right and the impotence of the left, all underpinned with a rollicking good soundtrack, played live and in real time! All aboard for this immersive, 360° roller-coaster ride through the neo-geo-socio-political landscape of our time. Enjoy the trip! This is a production of the Artslab Network.