The Blues Brothers – Live

It’s a pretty short drive to Stockbridge, I’ve got a full tank of gas, no cigarettes whatsoever, it’s dark... and I’m wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

They may not be on a mission from God, but it was definitely heavenly.

After I take my sunglasses off (safe driving, y’know), I make it safely to C Scala where the joint is rocking. Tribute shows can be a bit hit or miss but The Blues Brothers - Live is performed with such panache and professionalism that it’s likely as close as I’ll ever get to experiencing Jake, Elwood and their supergroup, The Blues Brothers Band.

All the hits that you want to hear are there and our two leads are perfectly in character. The band is spectacular – although a little swamped by the scale of the venue – but the energy is kept up throughout and they do a great job of filling the space. The audience is packed out with fans that want to dance along from the opening number to the excellent finale that literally has us dancing in the aisles.

This is the official Blues Brothers tribute approved by both John Belushi’s estate and Dan Aykroyd so it’s fair to expect a top notch show; Blues Brothers - Live delivers in spades. They may not be on a mission from God, but it was definitely heavenly.

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The Blurb

Hold onto your shades as the smash hit returns – back by popular demand! We're putting the band back together for rhythm'n'blues to remember. Why not shake your tail feather over and see what all the fuss is about? Energetic rock'n'roll party guaranteed to get you up on your feet. ‘Warning: This show will put you in a permanent state of happiness, fill your head with music and make you want to dance all night long. It is quite simply unmissable' ***** ( **** (