The Black Sorrows

Old-time blues rockers The Black Sorrows have been playing since the early 80s – plenty of time for them to tighten up on chords, learn the rhythm and throw in some obligatory classic guitar poses. And that's exactly what they did. 

You'll be smiling, tapping your foot and bobbing your head to the beats in no time

These guys know how to rock and they know how to dance, but do they know some of their songs too thoroughly? It felt like they were only going through the motions at times, and I think the self-confessed first-night nerves had something to do with it too. The first three songs saw so many practised power stances and guitar swoops that it didn't feel spontaneous any more. It was a shame to hear such talented musicians play the songs beautifully just to lose the natural excitement and drive.

But then last year's release Certified Blue played and, boy, did it switch the light on! Suddenly the stage was filled with a loose and natural band. Claude Carranza looked like he was 20 years old again when he played his guitar solos – which there sure are plenty of to rock out to! – and everyone wasn't just working together, but grooving together too. The 50s’ drumbeat in Devil in Disguise got everyone jiving; really look out for the talented Angus Burchall's drum solo. The night soared on from there in the wee tent on St Andrew's Square. Joe Camelleri's voice ranges from smooth chocolate to power ballad, carrying you along with it. You'll be smiling, tapping your foot and bobbing your head to the beats in no time.

The show starts quite late, 11pm to be precise, so the venue wasn't as full as it could have been. It made for a bit of division between the people dancing at the back starting their night out to the people sitting on the uncomfortable slatted chairs at the front, but the wholesome music will soon make you forget about your grooved cheeks. Once Camelleri picks up his saxophone, you'll be at the edge of the seat anyway. Hold On To Me will have you singing out for your loved ones to sway with you. You're guaranteed to end the night with an excited, albeit not overexerted, heart.

Reviews by Lydia Nowak

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The Blurb

From Melbourne, Australia, The Black Sorrows have earned their reputation as a dynamic live band, delivering original songs that mix those well-worn ingredients of blues, soul, and r'n'b, as well as flashes of gospel and country into an irresistibly potent concoction. With music legend and Hall of Fame inductee Joe Camilleri at the helm, The Black Sorrows are one of Australia's most successful touring bands. The first time the band has played in Edinburgh at the start of an extensive European tour to support the release of their most recent album, Endless Sleep.