The Birds And The Beats

Grant Busé wants to talk about sex and he’s determined that we should join in the conversation. The Birds and the Beats is part show, part lecture and part conversation where Busé invites us to ask and answer questions about sex education, sexual experiences and manages to create a genuine intimate atmosphere where it feels safe to talk about one of the most taboo subjects. There’s some pretty witty songs too.

The laughter from the audience is genuine and hearty

Where this show flies is in its open admission that talking about sex is inherently humorous. There’s a great deal of sexual innuendo and delightfully groan-worthy puns, some of it obvious and easy but no less funny and, although this show isn’t quite family-friendly (unless you’re a very cool parent) there’s a lot of valuable lessons for you to take on board for when you ever have to have ‘the talk’ with a child. There are songs and rap that cover everything from condoms and consent to animals doing it that are as smart as anything coming from Tim Minchin and equally as politically woke.

Busé is charming and extremely open throughout the show and the laughter from the audience is genuine and hearty. In such a small room at Rajopolis, there’s nowhere to hide from the audience interaction but, by the end of the first song, you’ll be willing to share your own experiences both good and bad. As a reviewer, I hide at the back and stay quiet when there’s interaction required (best not to become part of the show you have to write about) but I’ll definitely see this show again so I can ask (and answer) a few questions. It’s never too late to learn a bit more about those birds and bees and Grant Busé is by far the best teacher out there.

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The Blurb

What separates us from the animals? Are these feelings normal? Did Dad just forget to pull out? It’s about time we had "the talk". After sell out crowds at Edinburgh Fringe, Grant Busé is returning to Adelaide with his hit new show about sex education. In a hilarious hour of comedy music and looping, let singer and actual school teacher Mr. Busé take you on a joyous sexploration of all the things we wish they taught us about sex while growing up. From consent to condoms to commitment, the #TheBirdsAndTheBeats aims to tackle the taboo and educate the erotic. This is sing-a-long sex ed for adults set to an original RnB score performed live. ★★★★★ - Lot's Wife Mag | ★★★★ - The Australia Times | "Imagine Tim Minchin doing Sex Ed" - The Funny Tonne