The Art and Science of Gin

If you’re also the kind of person who thinks that you can’t go wrong when starting with a G&T then this is the event for you. Edinburgh Gin has quickly become a hallmark company in this city and it is fantastic to see them getting involved in the Fringe.

You are transported into an environment that removes all distractions and allows you to really experience the moment.

Step into an immersive 4D cocoon of gin goodness in the cosy surroundings of 99 Hanover Street bar, you are taken into a space that is completely dedicated to your gin learning experience. With spectacular projection mapping technology that covers the room in every direction you look, The Art and Science of Gin is a fully immersive and visual experience. Edinburgh Gin have really gone above and beyond with their immaculate attention to detail providing beautifully designed projections. There is even the extra touch of filling the room with specific scents to take you on a full sensory experience.

You will also, of course, get the opportunity to taste some of the delicious Edinburgh gins both neat and with different mixers and garnishes. The session includes a presentation about the history of Edinburgh and how that sense of place enriches the foundations of what Edinburgh Gin creates as they strive towards innovation. Their desire to stay true to their home nation, as much as possible, is backed up by being able to taste the flavours they have locally sourced from Scottish suppliers. There is also a section of the distillery process of creating their gin, particularly as they try to innovate with new and exciting flavours.

The most interesting section is when you are taken on a journey around the world, discovering where it is that they source the ingredients needed to produce gin – some certainly you wouldn’t have guessed are necessary to making the spirit we know and love. As you are guided around the world, you are invited smell and taste the botanical ingredients as they are being explained which adds a lovely hands-on element to the experience.

All the way through this experience, you are guided by the wonderfully charismatic and very obviously knowledgeable Tony McGeever from Edinburgh Gin who brought all the elements together is an engaging and keeps the atmosphere light, fun and enjoyable from start to finish. What differentiates The Art and Science of Gin from your regular spirit tasting is that you are transported into an environment that removes all distractions and allows you to really experience the moment. And there’s gin, lots of gin. 

Reviews by Katie Daniel

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The Blurb

Edinburgh Gin invites you to step inside the world of gin like never before, exploring the illustrious history and modern resurgence of the spirit. You’ll embark upon a journey spanning three centuries; from the historical beginnings of Edinburgh’s gin craze in the 1700s to the global search for botanicals and the modern-day distillation process. Using projection mapping technology, this show will immerse you in the art and science of gin, exciting your senses with the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the gin-making process. Ticket includes: - Welcome G&T - Tasting - Signature serve