The Amazing Bubble Man

Children will love this fun spectacle of bubble-blowing and even grown-ups will be impressed by the Amazing Bubble Man’s feats; not ten minutes into the show, I heard a Dad in front of me say “Those are amazing bubbles!” – so the name holds true.

The structure of the show is loose, which allows for the order of tricks to be moved around but unfortunately this also means the final part of the show feels rushed.

From bubbles blown from the end of a ballpoint pen, to those made with Hula Hoop-sized rings and even a loop of string pulled between two fishing poles, the Amazing Bubble Man creates bubbles of all shapes and sizes and tells the children that they can be produced through almost anything you can find at home – no fancy equipment required. He even blows bubbles using only his hands. And while he has a fancy recipe for his bubble blowing solution, a bit of dishwashing liquid and water will do. No doubt plenty of Amazing Bubble Children are already at it at home. I’m tempted to go home and blow some bubbles myself.

The Amazing Bubble Man tells us he started performing his show after creating a bubble-blowing toy (which looks like a funnel or horn) and needing to be able to demonstrate it in order to sell it. After a while, he decided to stop selling his toys and play with them himself. He’s not one of those people who set out to be a children’s entertainer and at times this shows. He is sometimes a bit awkward communicating with his small volunteers on stage and his performance persona needs to be larger.

The children don’t seem to notice this though and in a show high on audience participation, there were always many willing hands shooting up in the air. He creates giant bubbles around children, blows bubbles within bubbles and even fills bubbles with steam so they’ll float higher. With stage-fog, we can see them pop in slow-motion and with helium, the bubbles float up to the ceiling.

The structure of the show is loose, which allows for the order of tricks to be moved around but unfortunately this also means the final part of the show feels rushed. There’s room to tighten the show up to ensure all the tricks are performed without a waffly middle section, and to allow time for the finale to truly impress.

It’s a fun show and perfect for its target audience, earning many gasps of awe and cheers for the impressive tricks.

Reviews by Emma Gibson

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The Blurb

Louis Pearl has been thrilling audiences around the world for nearly 30 years with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles. A Fringe favourite, he has sold out every year for the last seven years. Louis explores the breath-taking dynamics of bubbles, combining comedy and artistry with audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerized. From square bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, giant bubbles, bubble volcanoes, tornados and trampolines to people inside bubbles, the Amazing Bubble Man conjures shrieks of laughter and gasps of amazement from all ages.