The Alleycats: Gap Year!

This contemporary a cappella group returns with a musical this year about stories of gap year. Clearly influenced by the popular YouTube video of ‘Gap Yah’ – a comic takedown of over privileged youths on their ‘valuable experiences’ abroad – the Alleycats’ production is always lighthearted, though it entertains without the satiric energy of the original.

The singing is exceedingly good for a student group

The absence of a well defined plot is countermanded by a good selection of pop tunes that are immediately recognisable to the audience. I particularly enjoyed their rendition of Signed, Sealed, Delivered, a polished performance that starts the show, followed by more songs (both oldies and contemporary) that are family friendly, with something for everybody.

The singing is exceedingly good for a student group, with inventive harmony delivered with discipline. While there is a lot of cheesiness in their movements and choreography along the way, such youthful innocence and exuberance is actually quite heartwarming to watch.

It is immediately obvious, however, that these performers are primarily singers, not actors – as the acting can be slightly stunted, tainted perhaps by a palpable sense of British inhibition in light of a profligate theme.

Look past such flaws and you will get a late afternoon of good music, and also a wonderful feeling in seeing some nice and grounded young people who are not in the least spoiled or too posh. They have a great future to look forward to, each one of them, as musicians or otherwise. I look forward to watching them again next year.

Reviews by Timothy Leonine Tsang


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The Blurb

University life became too stale for the Alleycats this year, so they decided to take some time off. Join them as they pack up their smooth sound and boundless energy and go on the adventure of a lifetime – all in a roller-coaster 50 minutes. Through letters they send home, they tell extraordinary stories from their gap year. Armed with velvety blend and infectious enthusiasm, the ‘cats delight with another original script, brimming with their signature wit. The pairing of magnificent musicality and cracking comedy brings audiences of all ages along for an unforgettable ride.