Tessa Waters: Fully Sik

Tessa Waters is an experienced Fringe act, falling into a large group of fantastically-exuberant physical comedians who enliven any number of venues from large to small over the month with a mixture of clowning, audience banter and swift one-liners. As with many of her ilk, she is performing in numerous other shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year and it seems that although Waters is an accomplished performer, Fully Sik is something of an afterthought. Brimming with stage presence but lacking in tangible material, this low-key show looks to ride itself out on pure energy alone, an effort which unfortunately isn't entirely successful.

Waters is an accomplished performer, but Fully Sik feels like something of an afterthought.

Fully Sik, Tessa Waters' solo hour of comedy away from her group work with Glittery Clittery, is an enjoyable chunk of afternoon dedicated to losing oneself in childish enjoyment. As she throws herself around the modest Heroes Spiegelyurt, constantly pacing from side to side and talking with the audience more than she talks to them, time spent with Tessa Waters proves to be enjoyable. Given the right outlet this performer undoubtedly shines and there are moments here, such as the elaborate mime that closes the show, where Waters shows her skills to the onlookers.

Tessa Waters has an intense aura of charisma and incredible talent as both a physical comedian and an engaging audience presence, but her material for this 45-minute blast of fun and games is severely lacking in solid punchlines. What one is instead presented with is a comedian who would most likely excel in another format but doesn't suit the focus of a full set of jokes. Whilst Tessa Waters never proclaims herself to be any kind of one-liner comic or anecdotal comedian, as long as she's listed in the comedy section of the Fringe guide her solo show should probably amount to more than pillow fights and throwing confetti.

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The Blurb

Turbo-charged physical comedy kween Tessa Waters packs a non-stop rollercoaster ride of LOLs into one high-octane hour of sketch and improv. Heaps of fun and all audience interaction is consensual (hooray!). 'Incredibly funny' (Sydney Morning Herald). 'A real force of nature... you are sure to leave on an elated high' (Chortle.co.uk). 'She’s a festival mainstay for a reason' (Radio Adelaide). Winner Best Comedy Weekly Award Adelaide Fringe 2017. Nominated Best International Show NZ Comedy Festival 2017. Winner Adelaide Fringe Spirit of the Fringe Award 2018. Tessa is also in totes amazing cabaret trio Fringe Wives.