Terry Alderton: All Crazy Now

From the moment you enter – greeted by several songs in multiple genres, all with the lyrics ‘chops not ham’ – you have already begun to tumble down the rabbit hole into the surreal world of Terry Alderton. With the help of Johnny Spurling, Terry’s hilarious new show All Crazy Now makes us question our ideas about ourselves, our existence and what even constitutes a punchline.

Terry Alderton is a comic for people who know comedy.

Alderton performs with such raw energy and intensity, that it’s impossible not to be impressed. Moving with unbelievable speed from thought to thought and across the entire spectrum of human emotion, Alderton is utterly fearless. He is not at all afraid to bark like a dog for an extended period, nor does he shy away from turning on his own audience members in hysterical style. Wonderfully unpredictable, one moment Terry could be halfway through a joke when he decides to take an imaginary phone call or to leave the room entirely. You’re never quite sure which of his multiple personalities or voices you may be dealing with and quite when the next one will signal its arrival and take over.

All Crazy Now makes excellent use of sound and music, recorded and live, with both Alderton and Spurling displaying impressive sets of pipes. A particularly memorable moment involves Terry and Johnny berating a guy in the front row with a ferocious duet. Every moment of the show is delightfully imaginative and inventive, Alderton is really sailing into exciting, unchartered territory.

Terry Alderton is a comic for people who know comedy. All Crazy Now is completely different from anything else you’re going to see at the Fringe this year. A mind-boggling trip into the alternative that while not for everyone, (your nan would be utterly bewildered), is essential viewing for any budding stand ups.

Reviews by Rick Willis

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Terry Alderton: All Crazy Now

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The Blurb

This is a brand-new show featuring Johnny Spurling, pole-vaulting chickens, guinea pig diving and maybe... just maybe a dancing bear. Terry Alderton is back after some years trying to (unsuccessfully) perfect his piano balancing act in the Caribbean. Based loosely on the successful BBC Radio 4 series of the same name, expect songs, jokes and a little bit of silliness from the comedians' favourite comedian. 'He's proved himself as a comedian of dizzying inventiveness' (Times).