Tenors Unlimited:The Rat Pack of Opera

Tenors Unlimited, also known as the Rat Pack of Opera, have firmly established themselves as a major classical crossover trio building from their past solo careers in opera, theatre and the recording industry. Scott Ciscon, Jem Sharples and Paul Martin bring their unique blend of wit, charm and vocal arrangements to the sometimes tediously boring classical genre.

The acoustics were great, spirits were high and the tenors top-notch. From the first notes of Viva la Vita, we knew we were in for a treat

The name of their current Venice to Vegas tour sums up the repertoire perfectly; the marriage between opera classics, such as La Donna è Mobile and Nessun Dorma, and showtunes like Volare, You’re Too Good to be True and Barcelona works beautifully. The gem of the show is probably the most unique version of Sting’s Fragile you’re ever going to hear.

An operatic trio has some big boots to fill, as comparison to The Three Tenors: Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti, is unavoidable. What Tenors Unlimited lack in skill compared to the grand masters, they make up for in showmanship. The group has been performing together for over a decade – longer than One Direction, as they pointed out – and this has made them a tight fit. And judging by the continuous joking, goofing around and serenading the audience, they still genuinely enjoy performing and each other’s company.

The show is a great introduction to opera for anyone who has never endured a full five hour Wagner in their life. I particularly liked the fact that the performers took their time introducing the numbers properly. No one was left feeling ashamed if they didn’t recognize the arias. Even the under 10-year-olds were able to follow just fine and judging by the applause from the junior panel, we might have some new opera fans in the audience.

Sadly, this was a one off performance by Tenors Unlimited, but they are currently touring the UK so there is still a chance to catch them in the act. Highly recommended, for this was pure Sunday evening bliss.

Reviews by Johanna Makelainen

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The Blurb

Join the 'Rat Pack of Opera’ guys for an intimate session of some of the best music from the classical-crossover repertoire. Fantastic vocals mixed with a wicked sense of humour make this a brilliant night out! A sense of humour and a definite ‘joie de vivre’.