Teatro Delusio

Possibly the most beautiful show you will watch at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, Teatro Delusio is a marvel: original, stunningly choreographed, very funny and incredibly moving. This is physical theatre at its zenith.

Teatro Delusio has everything, except words.

The show follows the lives of young hotheaded Bob, the bookish Bernd and the bullyish glutton Ivan, three stage technicians working backstage of a large theatre. The entire show is set behind the scenes, with three immensely talented masked actors portraying a wide range of characters, bringing this marvel to life in a dynamic and dramatic environment.

Technically speaking, Teatro Delusio is virtuosic, with endless new characters making their entrances and their exits to create the illusion of a bustling backstage area. The characters are such astute representations of well-known archetypes in real life. Opera divas, forgetful ballerinas, dozy violinists, ego-filled directors… Every possible figure encountered in a performing arts environment is replicated in an eerily convincing manner, capturing all the hilarity, hope and heartbreak that exists within the world of theatre. There is not a single dull or unoriginal moment in the 75 minute show, with a plot that is both unpredictable and entrancing. This show is much more than a simple comedy with good stagecraft: through bodily movement alone, the static masks betraying nothing, the characters portrayed are brought to life in a creative and extraordinarily convincing way. Teatro Delusio is physical theatre at its absolute best: you will be immersed in the story and become so invested in the characters that it will seem to end far too soon. Mime has never been so powerful, and these three masked geniuses from German are definitely not to be missed at Fringe. From the very first moment, when the puppet ghost child is animated and brought to life by the three actors, you know you are in for a good show. Well-known classics such as Barber’s Adagio for Strings gain a new power in the context of this extraordinary narrative.

Teatro Delusio has everything, except words. It is perfect for old and young, theatre aficionados and novices. It’s also the perfect show for foreign visitors with limited English. Whatever you see at Fringe this year, Teatro Delusio is absolutely unmissable. 

Reviews by Fiona Russell

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The Blurb

All the world's a stage... Three actors, 29 characters, no words and loads of laughs. Following last year's sell-out hit Hotel Paradiso, the world's leading theatre mask specialist is back with a comedy set behind the scenes of theatrical illusion. In the darkness of the backstage the technicians battle their own great tragedies of life, death, love and defeat revealing their rivalries, ambitions and poignant dreams. Teatro Delusio reminds us that theatre doesn't end when the curtain drops. 'Immensely skillful character comedy' (Guardian).