Solo comedy show Tatterdemalion’s Henry Maynard is charming, ridiculous, adorably pathetic and completely enchanting as he frolics about excitedly miming out conversation to audience members. Maynard’s clown does not speak a word, but through his enthusiastic physicality, grunts and gestures, we understand him perfectly. This show could not happen without an audience willing to engage participate in the game. As we enter he is scurrying about the audience, and has the audience in stitches before the house lights go down.

Maynard brings us a frolicsome hour jam-packed with fun where the stories we create are invigorating, bleak and cheerful.

An old and worn suitcase is positioned on stage, we understand that the show will not truly start until it opens and we cheer him on in anticipation as he teases us. As soon as it’s open he begins to introduce inanimate objects to the audience, giving them away as gifts. Maynard’s playfulness is so contagious it is no wonder that audience members hop up on queue to immerse themselves in playing together, building a story for the audience. In his endearing hopelessness trying to do basic things such as dressing himself and putting on shoes, the audience clamber to assist, making the sound effects for all the action!

Maynard’s connection to to his audience is unlike any I’ve seen before, we are wholeheartedly immersed in the dynamic of the show, working with him to create a visual, surreal and imaginative performance. Moments of tragedy and darkness give the show texture, and though we are so deep in the imaginary world, it finds routes in the mundane daily experience of life. Using a fantastic mix of mime, physical comedy and puppetry in conjunction with an active audience, Maynard brings us a frolicsome hour jam-packed with fun where the stories we create are invigorating, bleak and cheerful. Flabbergast Theatre’s Tatterdemalion is absolutely worth the visit, I’d most certainly go again!

Reviews by Isabella Javor

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The Blurb

From the creators of Boris & Sergey, comes a one-hour one-man show featuring puppetry, physical comedy, and mime. 'Clowning has never been so enchanting or absorbing' ***** (ThreeWeeks). Hilarious, absurd and often magical, this show juxtaposes themes of loneliness and belonging with joy and exhilaration. Pathos, dark humour and Victorian aesthetics combine to create a wonderful and mysterious backdrop to a poetic and surreal journey (with more than a little silliness thrown in). 'Masterful physical comedy' ***** (EdinburghSpotlight.com). 'Funny, emotional, and intelligent' ***** (ArtsAwardVoice.com). 'Utterly engaging' ***** (One4Review.co.uk). 'Wonderfully demented' ***** (TheMumble.net).