Tap Into Health: Movin' With Melvin

Movin’ Melvin Brown is in town doing two different high-energy shows on alternating nights. As if that’s not enough to keep him busy he’s also running these morning workshops, which provide an introduction to tap dancing.

There are definitely health and happiness benefits to this class.

Brown’s personality is as big as his shoes are loud and he quickly encourages us to our feet to join him on the stage – even one woman who had come along expecting to see a performance. He demonstrates a simply tap routine and then takes us through the steps with and without music. The routine is fun and accessible for those who haven’t tapped before and for those who have there are a few bonus steps or modifications thrown in. Because there are options as to how high-cardio you go, the class is suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages – he’s even had people in their 90s dancing in the workshop. Brown is joined by his back-up singer Francesca who has recently started learning his tap dancing routines and provides a bit of inspiration for the rest of us. The one thing that would improve the class would be if all the participants had tap shoes to better hear our feet – but that would be quite the logistical challenge. So make sure you wear shoes or boots that have a reasonably hard sole (not trainers or rubber-soled shoes) to get the best appreciation.

Brown has designed the Tap into Health program as a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and has a range of books and DVDs on offer, which are available on the conclusion of the lesson. This lesson provides a taster of that program without being a hard-sell spruik. There are definitely health and happiness benefits to this class. It’s a fun way to get in an hour of cardio exercise and Brown has an infectious chuckle that is impossible not to grin along with, no matter how red faced and sweaty you are. 

Reviews by Emma Gibson

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The Blurb

You've seen the show - now come and learn the moves! TIH Dance - new tap workout with multi-awarded Movin' Melvin Brown, Most Outstanding Performer, New York Festival 2008. Dancing talents include tap, juke dancing, clogging, jazz, swing, contemporary, mime, robotics. Masterclass for dancers, music theatre performers, dance lovers, fans of music of the swing and jazz era, and lindy hoppers and jivers. Movin' Melvin is an international entertainer, playing to packed houses from Las Vegas to Edinburgh, also appearing in The Ray Charles Experience and The Tap-Dancing Preacher.