Tanyalee Davis - Big Trouble in Little 'Gina

If you are over 35 or simply want to hear how middle-aged life is a going to be a blood-stained nightmare, then this is the show for you; for anyone else, sit tight for an uncomfortable hour. Tanyalee Davis, the 3ft 6” Canadian comedian, does not bring her big guns to the Fringe; though, she does provide some grotesque pictures of her hospital trips through a well organised slideshow stand-up. The 43 year old is not afraid to ‘go there’ when it comes to bodily humour, so if you are particularly squeamish it would be prudent to avoid this show, as you can expect to see and hear about her removed uterus if you do.

Davis does save some face with her jokes about manatee orgies and hallucinations on ketamine, but the puns become tiresome and weary, whilst hearing the Leona Lewis gag five (or maybe six) times becomes tedious. It would be unfair to say that Tanyalee Davis is not a good comedian, and she is certainly funny from what her YouTube videos indicate, but her Fringe material’s punchliners are low in quality and tend to drag on into a full blown life narrative. Though she can appeal to women around her age for the type of comedy she provides, Davis lacks the charisma of an adaptable stand-up comedian.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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The Blurb

In 2012 life threw Tanyalee a curve ball. Five thousand miles from home, she got a life-threatening blood clot. Complications, her mother being her nurse, Tanyalee nearly lost her mind, along with her uterus.